Some trophy images don't show

Newly addicted in tournament. Lots of fun. However, some trophy images (logos) don’t show up. Is this always like that? or one day they will fix problem so I could have a beautiful profile? :smile:

Or, it could be just my computer? (browser issue?)

Now I know where my double trophies came from :slight_smile:

Yeah, I see some trophys and two white rectangles, if that is what you mean.
Btw. if you want people to answer quickly, it helps to post a link to profile/game/… in question, so others spend less time searching for your profile and more time solving the issue :smiley:

Embarrassingly this happens because we don’t have a 13x13 trophy (the original OGS didn’t have them). We’ve been looking to redesign our trophies but haven’t made a lot of progress on it lately. We’ll get there, we’re not super great artists so we’ll either need to hire someone or find someone who would be willing to do them.


Ok, hope your new design come out soon :slight_smile:

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thanks tiger314. just hate those white patches. lol

What size images would y’all like? Or would you prefer vectors? Maybe we can see what the community can do.

We put out a request a while ago and while we got a single pretty good submission, I think we were hoping to see a bit more participation. So hopefully we can come up with something fairly soon.

good luck with new design. maybe something like this:

do you mean you beat me? very likely! lol

That would work maybe like 30 years ago on an Atari 2600 :slight_smile:

lol… they do look ancient!

just saw the new design for 13 x 13 tournament trophy. looking great!

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