Art Contest: Help us create new Tournament Trophy icons!

This contest is open until October 31st, 2014

As you may have noticed, the OGS programmers don’t have much in the way of pixel art / icon graphics talent. The trophies we are currently using came from the old site and are incomplete, not scaled correctly, and don’t really match the site anymore.

So we need some replacements! Here’s the criteria:

  • Icons need to look good on both the light and dark site theme: used background colors are

    • #FFFFFF Light theme - tournament list
    • #F5F5F5 Light theme - profile view: trophies list
    • #F8F8F8 Light theme - left nav
    • #111111 Dark theme - tournament list
    • #1D1D1D Dark theme - profile view: trophies list
    • #333333 Dark theme - left nav
  • Target icon sizes are 15x15 and 24x24, as well as 32x32, 48x48, and 64x64 for hdpi devices.

  • Formats can either be in either .svg or .png (If you do the icons in .svg please make sure they render correctly on chrome, firefox, safari, and ie10+ ). A webfont would also be acceptable.

  • We need 24 such icons, specifically every combination of

    • 3 board size: 9x9, 13x13, 19x19
    • 4 ranks: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and Conciliatory
    • 2 classes: Site tournament and Group tournament

That’s it! Content, styling, coloring, and all of that is up to you the artist!

Additional clarifications:

  • You can make one set of icons that handles all cases (varying sizes, light/dark), or you can create multiple sets (for instance if you want to have different colors for different themes, or have different versions of the icons for the 15x15 set as opposed to a less squished icon for 24x24 +)
  • Multiple submissions are allowed if you’re so inclined.

Submitting an entry

To submit an entry simply reply in this thread with a sprite sheet of your icons

Voting on entries and determining the winner

To vote on an entry, click the ‘like heart’ on an entry.

At the end of the contest the entry with the most votes wins!

Rewards for winning

Kudos, thanks, appreciation, and (optionally) an entry on the about page with (optionally) a link to a site of yours!

And of course the biggest reward of all, your icons seen and appreciated by thousands of players every day!


Actually, below 32x32 the reading of board sizes and place become difficult…

It are transparent images, with borders around icons & board sizes such that all backgrounds go well


IMHO we can simplify the board sizes from the redundacy of

“19x19”, “13x13”, “9x9”


”19”, “13”, and “9”

which enables us to make the numbers a little bit larger and thus better readable.

What do you think?


You are not the only one with that idea :smile:

That was the result of a little chat i had with franzica


Haha, yes. :slight_smile: I’d like to see the board-size number smaller and rotated.

19x19 could be green, 13x13 blue and 9x9 red.

Great work so far, Kungfu Panda! Really awesome :hearts:

Like this:

The color code then would be: Sitewide = Cup, Normal = Fan • 19x19 = Green, 13x13 = Blue, 9x9 = Red • Gold/Silver/Bronze/No Medal = Rank in Tournament.


Nice job @Kungfu_Panda, really like those Go fans! Btw, I think the 9x9 trophy looks more like magenta than red. :smile:

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Woot, well I guess that’s that :slight_smile: