Someone paused the game but i found out that he is playing other games

Just for the record, I did ask him, but of course, no answer.
And blocking him is also not an option because we are in a tournament.

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Personally, I wouldn’t consider “sorry but the game has stall on a vacation mode for a long time. Care to make a move?” as “asking him why he is on vacation mode and moving in other games but not this one.”

Furthermore, as you said, this game is being played [quote=“andysif, post:21, topic:12493”]
in a tournament.

Upon looking at the tournament, 1. it is unlikely that either of you are going to progress to the next round, and 2. it’s not like this is the last unfinished game in the tournament; there are many games still in progress so maybe focus on those. If it gets to a point where his vacation is significantly holding up the tournament, then perhaps a moderator might step in. In the meantime, just chill.

are you actually suggesting that because I play crap it is OK to screw me? and until he screws everyone else I better keep my mouth shut?

Not at all. I am suggesting that taking the situation in context provides even more to the argument that you probably aren’t as screwed as you believe you are. If you want to feel screwed I can’t change that, but looking at the situation as a whole, even if there was a nefarious way to apply vacation time, which I don’t believe there is, I don’t believe he can be accused of that in this situation.

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