Someone paused the game but i found out that he is playing other games

He is “on vacation” and paused my game, but I found out that he is playing other games.

While not against the rule, I surely thinks it’s unsportsmanship, to say the least.

One would think to pause means you are busy with life and therefore unable to play. I strongly suggest that the pause feature should suspend the user’s account, instead of just individual games, until he resumes play,

… It should be up to each user how to spend their vacation. I ve been on vacation and still tried to get moves in… thats not uncommon and im glad its possible. Its also very common to play some games faster than others.
If the account was suspended during vacation then all that would do is force people to end and resume vacation each time they wanna play. Or do you mean to say we should have to decide the length of vacation ahead of time and then be locked out from our account irrevocably?

EDIT: the vacation function doesnt pause individual games, but all correspondence games. its just that you can still play moves.


Think of it similar to the pause on weekends option. Regardless of whether either player makes a move, the clock won’t tick down. However, both players are still free to move during this time if they wish.

Everyone is free to spend their time they like it, but we also have a binding contract in the beginning of the game: at least one move every 3 days. As long as you hand me a move every 3 days, I couldn’t care less how you spend your other time.

I also understand that sometimes other priorities pop up in life. Go ahead, paused the game, go on vacation, and gets things sorted out. I have no problem with that either.

What annoys me is that he paused MY game, yet he got time for other games. If you are busy for one game you should be busy for all games.

If you want to think of it like a weekend pause. then it is a weekend that lasted for more than a few weeks, the clock doesn’t tick and he never play. I am stuck in the middle of a game

Now what?

Whether he plays other people or not has zero effect on your game. So, since it’s a correspondence game, just wait. Eventually, he will either time out or make a move. In the meantime, just play your other games. I have many games going at once, sometimes I will make many moves in one game while making no moves in another for a day or two. I am free to do this and your opponent is free to use his vacation however he wants. If he wants to play with other people while having more time to think about your game, then ultimately you should get a better game out of it as a result.

That’s the point I am concern with. The clock is NOT ticking. He will not time out. And he is not making any moves.

If the clock is ticking, I couldn’t care less if he plays a hundred games and doesn’t play on mine.

You are looking at the wrong clock. Everyone has a limited amount of vacation time. Look at his player page and it will say how much vacation time he has left. That + game time is the absolute longest he can not move for before you get the win.

OK that sounds better.

now i only have to wait for 20 more days. ah what a relief.

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What I hate more than this is “annulled” games, especially after 18 moves… but, that’s a different topic haha

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Don’t want to sound like a whiner but it stills bothers me.

IMO, the vacation mode is for other priorities in life: job, exam, or just plain vacation.

The way he is holding up all the correspondence games, when he had time to play 6 live games in 3 days, while perfectly legal under the rules, to me, is very unsportmanship, to say the least.

Well, then block this player once the game’s over so you don’t have to ever play them again.


When you take on a correspondence game you are committing to a certain number of moves every few days. When you enable the Vacation mode you are saying that you cannot, right now, commit to those moves.

Maybe your opponent is on vacation? Or maybe it’s just a busy time at work? Either way, they’ve given you proper notice, via the vacation mode, that they cannot commit to making moves in correspondence games right now. They may sneak in a few live games, or in a simple position he may be able to make moves in correspondence games here-or-there, but criticising them for not making a move in your game is unfair.


I don’t see the problem.

People are free to use Vacation mode however they wish. I know I got very fed up with Correspondence games a while ago. I signed up to 3-4 tournaments not realizing how long they took and how many games were involved. Suddenly I have 20 games ongoing at once + the site wide ladder. Then when I log on to OGS with the intention of playing a live game start to finish, I just ended up playing my moves in correspondence games. I have since dropped out of ladders and most most of the tournaments are finishing up. I didn’t use my vacation time but now that I think of it, Maybe I should have.

People are free to use vacation time however they wish. You can’t know his circumstances. Maybe he just wants 2 weeks to think about his next move in your game. Or maybe he is actually on Vacation and is playing a few sneaky live games while the kids are at the pool. Whatever it is, I don’t think it matters. It is his time to use however he wants. The same goes for your vacation time.


FWIW, I think this is exactly the problem.

The deal is that if you sign up for a game with certain timing, then that’s the timing.

“Vacation” is not for "oh, woops, I need more time to think about this move.

sure… :sweat_smile:.
even if so, vacation mode is still part of that contract. as a (literally) overriding feature vacation mode supercedes the agreed upon time restrictions. it is every ogs-users right to use it freely and without giving reasons (even though communicating these things surely wont hurt :slight_smile:). so the feature cant be abused excessively vacation is limited.
sounds good to me!

correspondence games are very long by their nature. using very commmon time settings (eg +24 up to 7d fischer with pause on weekends) they can easily last the better part of a year while staying well within the agreed time-frame. add a few weeks of vacation? i guess…
luckily most games turn out to be a lot faster than that.

i disagree. i dont see what the reason has even to do with this. everyone has the same amount of vacation time… thats it. if a user is willing to use up their entire vacation just to gain time for a single move in a single game, then fine!

P.S: i do get that it can be annoying, but thats all there is to it to me.


I am one of those players who ‘abuse’ the vacation. I have so many corr games, (some of them only have max 2d ficher while some have 2 weeks per move) And i put myself vacation simply if’ i’m gonna spend the evening/night out without knowing when exactly am i gonna get back home.

Or sometimes i don’t feel like playing go at all, so i just put my vacation on and get back to bed or something, maybe i’ll check my games later and play few moves in those games that are going down a one-way street, or that are in middle of joseki or ko fight etc. But i skip those games where i’d had to use some mental energy to think about my next move.

It’s nothing personal against any of my opponents, it’s not that i want to make those super long games even longer, it is simply because i don’t want to think am i gonna lose on time with the quickest games.

So please don’t get angry of your opponent for using the vacation mode, it is there to make OGS playable go server even everyone, even for those who need to take a quick break from their games 3


Well, for the record, I was with the OP in thinking that vacation isn’t for “oops, I need space to think about this hard move”, but if everyone agrees that vacation is part of that, then … whatever :smiley:

Well, all I can say is, yes, everyone is “free” to us the vacation feature, as in “hell, the button is there!!!”, just like anyone is “free” to lose a connection and getting a timeout during a live game.

BUT, there is also something called “etiquette” and I believe it is a very important part of any game, especially in a game like go where tradition weights heavily.

To me, going on vacation mode is fine if you have other important things in life, but the argument like “too busy for a move in a correspondence game, but I guess I may slip in a few live games in between” is utterly ridiculous.

If it bothers you that much (and for the record I dont really get why, just play other games in the meantime…) how about asking your opponent? :wink:

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I guess we will have to agree to disagree. And I apologise in advance if we ever meet up in a tournament, because I do this reasonably frequently.

I have a demanding job, a baby, and a social life. Sometimes those things leave me tired to the point where I can’t do justice to a serious game of Go (I treat almost all my correspondence games as serious) for days at a time. If I’m in that state, I still find Go relaxing, so I might play a silly blitz game or something in the meantime.

Not all games are in similarly delicate positions - I sign in to look while on vacation, and if my opponent has played a move that only has one response, or we’re playing out a simple joseki, then sure, I’ll make some moves there too. I had no idea this might offend some people.

I realise this is precisely the explanation you find unacceptable. You talk about binding contracts, but the only binding contracts are the game interface/API and the Acceptable Use community guidelines as laid out by the moderators. Those are known to all before starting a single game. You talk about etiquette, but etiquette is a communal thing, not simply what you personally find annoying.

OGS has a vacation function. Not everyone uses it the same way, and we all either deal with it (I’ve waited a month for someone to time out a couple of times, and other times watched someone use their vacation up completely then make a move a couple of hours before the game timed out) or not play correspondence Go.