Someone smarter than me please help

I’ve been reviewing my AI post games and I need help understanding why Black plays G7 in this picture. I’m not seeing what black can do by extending. Can someone walk me through the sequence please.

You can arrive close to this position post-move 16 in this game

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One thing to know about the AI is that sometimes it plays forcing moves for no reason.

But in this case, G7 creates aji. I don’t think it kills, but I might be mistaken. My instinct tells me the ahi makes for better endgame around J5.


It makes White play another move inside. If White doesn’t, then Black can play like this and survive:

This benefit looks about the same value as just playing move 5 at J5 or A8. So I wouldn’t worry too much. AI sometimes prefers strange moves when other simpler moves are just as good.


This was very helpful. Thanks very much for showing this position.
Much appreciated.


I don’t think I quite understand what is or what went wrong here, but if you got it figured out that makes me feel 1,00000000000000000000000 times better about this situation and the fact that I am pretty dumb sometimes :yum:

I can’t begin to glimpse a 100th of what Mark is able to see but from the position he showed. E8 was the move I wasn’t seeing. From my experimenting, it seem to kill white if they play badly or sets up an interesting ko situation + mutual life. Maybe something like this…
but again, I’m admittedly still a beginner.


Put move 23 one point lower at F7 and it’s even worse for White.


My limited knowledge would say:

  1. 9x9 is all about fighting, killing and walking on a tightrope. This is crucial premise
  2. 5 at G6 cuts. Will it work? Who knows? But a cut may be the difference between alive and dead
  3. 6 at H6 is obviously the only option
  4. 7 at G7 is forcing. If white doesn’t respond, he loses three stones and the game. Moreover it’s a proverb: add a stone and sacrifice both. Or maybe use them both to kill! It’s about walking on the tightrope…

When I see strong players on 9x9 I can’t say what’s alive and what’s dead until the very end


It’s probably not about forcing white to fill in their own territory, since white has to play a move inside to fix the G6 cut anyway. Also, black can profit more by the very simple first line hane.

Two possible reasons the bot cuts at G6:

  1. Just a random thing. Black wins anyway.
  2. Black can make something happen right away. If my reading is correct this is the case.