Something odd with game coloring (weaker/stronger)

Why opponents with lower kuy colored like stronger opponents?

Maybe it think 20k > 14k? :thinking:

And why on 1 photo I have 6 wins vs weaker opponents, but on 2 photo only 1?


Don’t tell me I messed it up :see_no_evil:

The stronger/weaker should be adjusted for handicap. If the games are played with handicap, you have to add the handicap to blacks rank to see who’s the stronger player.

Edit: yes, it’s inverted right now. I’ll correct it as fast as I can.


PR is waiting to get merged.


Fixed. You maybe have to reload the site.


Thanks for your quick work fixing it :heart:


Still one problem. On top I see 2 wins vs stronger. But in game history I have 3 games colored like this. Handicap game counted on top. Please, fix this too :slightly_smiling_face:

One of the 3 games is annulled, but due to a bug, it’s not marked as such in the game history. This bug is in a part of the code only anoek can fix.


Okay, thanks!

What about game from 2019-06-08 (
Why it doesn’t counted on top? It doesn’t appear on timeline. Or it’s the same bug?

The rating in the rating graph is your new rating after the game, the game history uses your rating when the game ends (before it’s updated)

In game history it’s a win against stronger player.

I think. That’s because according to it’s 1316 beating 1305 - beating weaker.

1560005747 18190017 1 0 1316.35 143.44 0.059989 499779 1305.53 73.52 2 {“result”: “0.5 points”}

but in game api in historical ratings it’s 1249 beating 1323 - beating stronger?


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