Sorry about this - another thread about Windows problems

Okay, I already opened a topic “online go not loading 2018-10-12” but I cannot access it anymore because I cannot login to it. Weirdly enough, I can start a new topic here, but I cannot open the existing thread because it asks me to login (and then refuses). This is all on a Mac, where I now actually can log in (but not to access the previous thread) and play games.
On Windows, I cannot login, cannot open the forum and cannot play, because there only appears a white screen. Pinging works fine from a terminal window, javascript is enabled, and yesterday it all worked fine. I can’t see what else could be wrong. If I am the only one with this problem, then it must be some kind of network problem, but I don’t see why since with a Mac it works “more or less” and ping works fine (and all other websites, google, twitter, etc… work fine too).

Sorry to open a new thread about this, but this irrational behaviour (of either my computers or something else) is frustrating.

I don’t see any notable drop in users accessing the site, so I think it’s on your end =/ I’m not sure what it could be off the top of my head.

If you try in incognito mode does it work by any chance?

The only thing I can imagine is that it’s a timeout problem, but then I don’t see why I can access other pages. It’s really weird, but okay, thanks for the help. Maybe it will fix itself somehow tomorrow… (I already tried the technique of switching off/on again, to no avail either)

Someone else had a similar problem not long ago: Did OGS end support for browsers on WinXP?

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I don’t know if OGS changed anything, I didn’t, but today the site is working again for me. On Windows XP with Chrome. So I guess, somehow either my XP got wiser or OGS changed some setting. The only weird thing still happening is that on this forum I cannot access the “online-go point com not loading” thread but I can access this one.
Computers are weird.

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