Sorry You Have Been Blocked message

On Wednesday when I was running a Go session for children on OGS, I got a rather alarming “Sorry You Have Been Blocked” screen (fortunately I didn’t actually seem to be blocked!).

I think the reason for this is probably that when I organise these sessions I open lots of windows on our group so that when people start games I can have a window open for each game so I can check what is going on (how the game is progressing, whether they have nearly finished, whether one player is sending lots of annoying messages to their opponent etc). I am guessing I maybe overdid this and triggered some kind of alert (there is a Cloud Flare Ray ID on the screen which I guess could be used to find out for sure what the problem is, am I supposed to post that here in a Support thread or send it to someone?).

I am not sure there is an alternative way to do the same thing without opening lots of windows? If I could see all the games being played by members of the group in one window of course that would be great.


<pinging> @anoek

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Maybe it would be possible to have a group page resemble the “Home” page with miniatures of the running games? No idea how feasible this would be … might get difficult with >50 running games.

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If that could be done it would be great (we only have around 10 running games at one time maximum so far, if there were 50 games there is no solution which would help me watch them all at once!).

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I occasionally have 10+ games open in my browser. haven’t encountered a problem. Could it be that it’s the same game open in two browsers/ devices in the same IP or something?

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Again the reply system doesn’t work: @Paul_Smith Do you mean blocked or banned? It sounds like you are describing the latter. If it really was “blocked” that just means that some individual didn’t want to have contact from someone else. Perhaps one of the kids was bothering someone.

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Well I tend to start by opening lots of tabs all showing our group home page, so it is easy to change them to display the games once they start (by clicking on the player in the group member list to get to their profile page and then clicking on the game). So maybe having all those tabs pointing to the same page is a problem in some way? I don’t know if the Cloud Flare Ray ID would shed any light on it (if so, who could interpret it)?

Oh, I thought you were in the same space, just using OGS. My bad.

The message definitely says “Sorry you have been blocked, you are unable to access” and it goes on to say that OGS uses a security service to protect itself from online attacks and I have triggered it.

Oh interesting, that would be , that’s fully automated, let me see if I can tweak some settings so that doesn’t happen. Sorry about that!


Thanks! But since it didn’t actually block me it isn’t a huge problem so far.

Hmm…I’ve never heard of that. It is not an individual block, nor is it the standard ban message, which has an appeals url that people can use. I guess this will require @anoek


@Paul_Smith do you still have that cloud flare ray id by chance?

Yes it is 5a87ec4bcff4e58b

Yeah sure enough it triggered the DDoS protection, I’ll see if I can tune that down some more. Thanks @Paul_Smith


I thought it was probably something like that. Thanks!


Isn’t it great @Paul_Smith that you have a kids go club so popular that ogs thinks it’s a ddos attack! Well done!