Sort by board size doesn't work in Home page

Hi, just found this one: in the Home screen, when displaying “list” of games, you can sort games by move, game name, opponent’s name, time… but the size works badly. See screenshots:

Standard sorting by time left:

Sort by moves:

Sort by size:

Reverse sort by size:

As you can see 9x9 games are mixed with 19x19.


It still does not work.

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I have a talent in finding bugs which nobody cares about! :grin:

Well… actually it works for me now! :thinking:

It didn’t look like it sorted by time left either. All the 3 days were after the 6 days

Are you talking about my screenshots?
Time sorting is done separately whether it’s your turn or not. Green rows before black.

Yeah I was. I wouldn’t have expected that but if it’s intended sure :slight_smile:

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