Sorting by Size in Active Games doesn't work

Expected (at least by me): Sorting by Size would have all 9x9 -> 13x13 -> 19x19 in order.


  1. Have enough games running for the column view to appear.
  2. Click the Size column for sorting a few times to try and go small to large, large to small.
  3. View the results.

My board at least if there are enough games at time of viewing -->

I don’t really see a pattern in how the sort happens atm. Maybe an enum value instead? Not sure if that’s possible

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That’s correct, you’re expecting a feature that doesn’t exist. Not a bug.

Edit: Oh you’re talking about your own games. I see. In that case, no idea, I don’t play correspondence. My bad. ^____^

Heya, sorry I was at work, I meant this column. It has min sorting but the order of rows is all over the place. thanks for the quick reply

I was bored so I searched for the sorting function and think I found it in GameList.tsx. I suppose is feature request to add something like this x__x

                case 'size' :
                    lst.sort((a, b) => {
                        try {
                            // def not complete but maybe close? ;__; I know not your code or if this even compiles
                            let a_width = a.goban ? a.goban.engine.width : a.json.width;
                            let b_width = b.goban ? b.goban.engine.width : b.json.width;
                            return a_width < b_width;
                        } catch (e) {
                            console.error(a, b, e);
                            return 0;