Sound doesn't play every time

Is there any known reason why the sounds wouldn’t play everytime? Sometimes when my opponent plays a stone, there’s no noise. And sometimes when a game starts, similarly.

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Hi milesc, also happens here. Both my stone clicks and my opp’s are not consistent. Sometimes, no click sounds. Unclear pattern.


I have similar issues. Adjusting the volume sometimes helps, if using the OGS menu on the right side. More often it requires me to re-load the webpage.

@anoek are you aware of this?

for clarity, my issue is associated with watching games… and bouncing between watching games and making a correspondence move.

I have not played a live game in awhile, and I do not remember if I had sound issues when playing live.

Also, in case it’s related, I often get the voice “doubled” - like an echoey two-copies-of-the-same-voice effect pretty often.

I sometimes also have this problem and couldn’t here it sometimes refreshing helps but usually it won’t help

Do you have 2 OGS tabs open?

No. It just plays like “g-game-ame sta-started-ed” when a game starts in the single tab, for instance.

I also have these sound issues currently. Sometimes the sound plays, sometimes not, it’s completely random. Happens with only the game tab open or multiple tabs for OGS, when the game tab is my active tab or when I’m browsing in another tab. Tested with my game being the only one or when watching another game simultaneously. I’d be really glad if someone could look into this and fix it.

I’m using the most recent version of Firefox, 84.0.2

Same here, stone sounds are missing about 50% of the time. Byoyomi seems to work most of the time. I only use one tab for OGS. Firefox 84.0.2, Arch Linux. On a different machine with the same setup, there is no sound at all, even though every visual hint (and also console debugging output) seems to indicate that sound should play.

Update: In the last game I played the sound was either
a. normal
b. missing(? because:)
c. VERY VERY low volume

Maybe it’s not missing but the volume isn’t consistent? I didn’t change the volume while playing, for everyone who might think the problem sits in front of the PC. :wink:

Played again, same problem.

I have the impression that there is a race condition in either the sound library used or the way it is used.

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Today I thought I had problems where when I placed a stone there was no sound but when my opponent did there was a sound.

I thought it was odd, but is it always like that in a live game? I can’t even remember :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if this was ever addressed but I was thinking of something possible related.

I noticed that the stones sound doesn’t play if you’ve just press the back arrow and the game goes into analysis mode.

More specifically if the back arrow is what opened analysis mode the stone sound will play on the first click, but while in analysis mode, if you press the back arrow again after placing a stone (imagine clicking and then going back to the main variation) the stone sound will not play for the first placed stone.

Now that doesn’t explain why the stone sound problem would happen in a live game, where you or your opponent aren’t using analysis. I’ll have to play more live games I suppose and see if I notice anything, see if the issue is still there.