Sound doesn't play every time

Is there any known reason why the sounds wouldn’t play everytime? Sometimes when my opponent plays a stone, there’s no noise. And sometimes when a game starts, similarly.

Hi milesc, also happens here. Both my stone clicks and my opp’s are not consistent. Sometimes, no click sounds. Unclear pattern.

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I have similar issues. Adjusting the volume sometimes helps, if using the OGS menu on the right side. More often it requires me to re-load the webpage.

@anoek are you aware of this?

for clarity, my issue is associated with watching games… and bouncing between watching games and making a correspondence move.

I have not played a live game in awhile, and I do not remember if I had sound issues when playing live.

Also, in case it’s related, I often get the voice “doubled” - like an echoey two-copies-of-the-same-voice effect pretty often.

I sometimes also have this problem and couldn’t here it sometimes refreshing helps but usually it won’t help

Do you have 2 OGS tabs open?

No. It just plays like “g-game-ame sta-started-ed” when a game starts in the single tab, for instance.