Sound missing

I don’t have sound. How do.I get the sound back? It is not my computer bc I do have sound but not here in his server. Thanks,

Did you check the setting page?

Do you have sounds when clicking the little arrows?


Thank you. I am attaching a screenshot, bc I dont know what is suppose to be right.

Hi. If you mean the triangles. …yes I did and there is no sound. It has been like this for a long time.

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I dunno.
May sound silly asking but are you sure you have sound [on] on the computer?
Did you try logout+quit browser+clear cache/cookies+login OGS again?

What is your computer system and browser?


Seconded, specifically what version of OsX are you on, and what version of Safari?

@blackorquidea do you happen to have any extensions installed in safari that might be interfering with audio playback?

Can you see if there are any errors in the javascript console? To open that, first enable the developer toolbar as per the instructions here: Use the developer tools in the Develop menu in Safari on Mac - Apple Support and then in the new Develop menu you’ll see open javascript console. Click that, try playing a sound from that settings page, and see if there’s any erorr message or anything like that, it might help illuminate what’s going on.


Thank you. Browser Safari have no problems with sound neither Firefox, both are fine. I don’t know how to fix the sound with OGS

What version of OSX are you using?
What version of Safari are you using?

Even if other sounds work fine this is important information for diagnosing why OGS does not play on your specific system.

After answering the above 2 questions, please also follow the directions requested by anoek or we cannot help you.

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