Speed baduk or level up series?


what do you think about the speed baduk serie and the Level up serie ?

What is the best ?

Thank you and happy new year. :wink:

A little off topic :stuck_out_tongue: but my favorite series is Get Strong at… (invasion, tsumego, tesuji, etc…). I am currently working through Get Strong at Tesuji and it has really helped my game.

I like the books I have seen from the Level Up series, though I don’t own any. I have never read any of the speed baduk series.


I have only read the Level Up Series, but I consider them to be absolute best Beginner books out there. (Despite being designed for Korean children)

They take a much slower approach to learning Go then most books. Any reader will get a very, very solid understanding of all topics adressed.

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Well, well, well … perhaps not despite but … because?


I agree! It’s the only negative thing I’ve heard about it, though, by grumpy people, so I chose despite. :smile:

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Heh, it’s usually the grumpy folks who have forgotten that they once were kids — and who deny the existence of their inner child, no? And … most probably because their inner child is feeling hurt.

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