Spelling control: adding go terms?

Is it possible to add some go terms to the library of the spelling control (SC)?
Go terms are often changed by the SC (if you are a slow typer), which is rather annoying.
Aji become agi, tenuki (teen), iken tobi (iken tabi), hayago (hayat), jigo (jigolo), joseki (kosek), keima (klima), korigatachi (koli),kosumi (konum), etc.

By the way also an automated changing of urban language could make posts in a thread better understandable for those not familiar with urban language.
I had to consult the urban dictionary to find out what AFAIK, IMO, TBH & others meant.
Some of the urban language could also be misunderstood as a go term: afaiu, luami, etc. :flushed:

For those who find this difficult too: here is the link to the urban dictionary.



Wait, do you mean autocorrect? That runs locally on your device, not something ogs can control.


You are right.
In OS-X System preferences > keyboard > language > spelling I have disabled automatic spelling control. It works.
When I started with computers (late 80s) you still could add words to the library of textprocessor Word Perfect. Guess some things have changed :slight_smile:

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I’m not aware of any program which doesn’t let you add things to the spellcheck dictionary (I just added spellcheck to my phone’s dictionary because it wanted it to be two words and I disagreed.

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No, autocorrect! HANE! Not “Jane”! They don’t even rhyme!