Star-Kakari-Tenuki-Tsuke-Hane-Cut: An unknown variation

Hi all,

Any idea about this variation?

I cannot find it in the “AI Go Joseki Dictionary”, thanks in advance.

The game moves 5 to 7 is the beginning of the variation.

In all my joseki dictionaries, the contact move 5 after the white tenuki is never considered (mostly
Is the double kakari at R6 instead or 3.3 invasion)

Waltheris Go pattern search has a few games with this variation:

Some of these occurences are not similar because It’s white to move, not black.
That’s the case when back has a large shimari, white come inside, black hane, and white crosscut.
That’s included in the waltheri search but not relevant.

Btw, how do you tenuki when you use waltheri? I can’t do that…

After seeing one of the Waltheri’s game in 1997, I wonder if this is good response: (1=R5)

Thanks again.

R5 or Q5 are what i have found being played

Unlike in your example, black will capture the 2 stones in the last dia.