Star point-approach-kick-ascend-clamp: how to punish?

2021105 踢立夾-1
Diagram 1: if black 5 clamps instead of A jump or B knight, which seems to be an overplay, but how does white punish it?

2021105 踢立夾-2
2021105 踢立夾-3
Diagram 2 and 3 are answers provided by a go teacher, but my question is: are the positions in the two diagrams good for white?

Thanks in advance.


Yeah i think they are good for white, the influence white gains is super solid and thick while black does not gain much from the stone at 5

On dia 3, white could also push q13 instead playing that last move at l16, should be sente since black almost needs to come back and capture those 4 white stones in the corner at some point.

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A video by Baduk Doctor:


Minor terminology correction, black 5 is a pincer, a clamp would be at N17


Thanks for the correction.

I made this mistake because in Chinese they are the same term “夾” (jia2), but it make sense to distinguish the two terms.

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It seems white D5 and F3 are very close.