Start multiple correspondence game with one klick


Sometimes i just want to start 10x the same game type. Corresponence with everything automatic. For that I have to klick 10 times star the game until the maximum of open games is reached.

Is it possible to give us field where we can enter the number of games to start? This only applies for correspondence games… 10 live games would nonsense…

Does anyone else think this feature would be useful?


Have you tried round robin tournaments?

Not yet, but i played other tournmantes. I think for tournaments you never have handicaps right? I would like to start just a bunch of ranked games with automatic settings.

No, that’s a setting when creating a tournament. Handicaps are off by default, but you can switch them on.

Definitely useful. But for me, personally, low on the list, since I mostly play tournaments. (And yes, I do like handicap too and there are handicap tournaments from time to time.)

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