Starter clock. How much time is allowed?

Is there a smart cookie out there who can tell me exactly how the system decides how much time to allocate to the blue starter clock?

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I think it’s 3 days for corr… can’t recall currently what it is for live / blitz

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I’m sure it’s not that simple but before I go laborious on the beta site I thought I would try my luck here.

I say ’ sure’ because my Fast C. tournament games don’t give that long on the blue clock. Only 24hrs which is the same as the ‘initial’ time given.

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fascinating… my only recent data sample is a tournament with 1 week initial time and 2 days/move fischer… they all started with 3 days to make the first move… you’ll need someone with smarter cookies than me to answer your question it seems :slight_smile:

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It may be that: