Starting Bell 🛎

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I like the bell.
I didn’t like that update wasn’t announced. When all updates are behind the scenes it makes it look like server doesn’t improve or change.

I think starting sound should be as annoying as possible so you notice it. Soft taps can be easily missed especially when you watch a youtube video. Sharp bell sound is perfect for it. But I understand that people with sensitive ears may not see it this way, and lately stone placement sounds get on my nerve little by little. Perfect solution would be sound customization of some sort, but it’s a big thing to implement.

I don’t really get the point of “violent” vs “soft” approach because of a starting bell. Sounds analogous to “videogames make people violent” argument.
(And after all, isn’t OGS the most passive server? Maybe bell will wake up fighting spirit in people)

So I guess I’ll go with aggressive option. Not because of some kind of underlying meaning behind it, but because soft sound is easy to miss, good example from @Kungfu_Panda, unless it’s super loud I’m not going to notice it.

This is clearly wrong. If the sound was as annoying as possible then I’d play on a different Go server. One without the annoying sounds.

Oh, yeah, I used wrong words. “Sharp and distinct enough to notice” would be better.

Yes, understood. However sharp and distinct does not require an aggressive sound, nor does it preclude a gentle sound.

A cursory search yielded this beep, for example;

Just for the record the whole thing was discussed and “announced” in a dedicated thread.

But I see your point. I don’t think these changes are interesting (not the right word, but you get me…) enough to clutter the announcement banners with them, but next time something new and “major” comes up, we might start sort of a “new features” thread? Would that be a good compromise? (sorry for offtopicing, I will split it if it gets too confusing)

I’m kinda with you on wanting a less bracing sound, though I’ll definitely take anything over nothing. But sound is subjective, and I find the tone beep really piercing and uncomfortable, whereas the fight bells are kind of funny given their association with boxing, but not uncomfortable. The ability to choose between different sounds would be cool.

I feel like the alternatives offered by @Kungfu_Panda and @Farraway are both too gentle and something I could easily filter out while browsing other tabs, thus defeating the purpose of having an announcement. I haven’t personally heard the boxing bells yet but I imagine they would probably be on par with KGS which made me jump through the roof the first time but after I knew what they were, they were fine.


These were just examples after a brief search. For example, having invested another 30 seconds, I discovered this one:

My suggestion is not that these beeps should be adopted, but that given some thought and some time a really good sound could be selected.

Subjective much? What about the people that think a really good sound has already been selected?

I am not especially motivated to change the bell sound.

As I was implementing this I asked what sound would be appropriate, and the only answer I got was a stupid joke.

There could have been an option for the user to chose from a selection.

Right. The beginning of a contest, a match. Sound appropriate to me.

Well - turn it down then.

I searched hard for the sound I thought was the best I could find. That was it. I was really pleased with it. Then I thought “well, you can’t please everyone”, so I asksd. The only answer was a joke.

So you get what you get.


I am appreciative of all the hard work you do for the site GaJ <3 maybe if Farraway has some ideas for alternative options he can submit a pull request of his own :wink:

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He’s too lazy to even find the volume control… I don’t see pull request coming…


Adam even linked to your link to the volume control in this very thread lol

It could be hard to time the announcement properly, because only @anoek knows when it gets deployed.

For example, if I understand correctly, it was back at the end of the thread you quoted that the PR was merged, which is a visible event, but it wasn’t until very recently that it was deployed, which is not visible to anyone except by its effects.

So that’d have to be something @anoek himself takes care of?

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Perhaps I deserve that. I feel as if my intentions have been rather misjudged. Nonetheless, it was unfair of me to assume that you hadn’t invested time in selecting the sound and I can see why I might have seemed hyper critical or dismissive of your efforts. I’m sorry.


I think you certainly did deserve it :slight_smile:

[ vent deleted by GaJ. Suffice to say I was quite taken aback to be described as “lazy” ]

But, in the face of your apology, and the opportunity to vent (now no longer needed) :slight_smile: I have become remotivated. You guys make a selection of sounds, I’ll put a choice in, we’ll see if anoek accepts it.



I like the present sound. Besides liking bells generally, there is a quality to their sound which ‘cuts through’ the audio trash we sometimes find ourselves surrounded with better than almost anything else. Except for a chime, maybe?


“Will this cut through” was on my mind when I chose it.

However, I think that the question has changed from “should we change the sound” to “what selection of choices would we like”.


Why we even need sound?
Year ago there was system where tab with started game force-opened automatically. After one of updates it stopped working. Why not bring it back?