Starting Color

If I select next to the “your color” option, would selecting the color black mean me or my opponent has black? Who would have that color. I have gotten confused multiple times when challenging people and when accepting game challenges. The “your color” could mean the color of me(the challenger) or you(the person challenged). Could you help me please with this. I want to challenge someone in a game that I would be white and my opponent would be black. I do not know what to put under the “your color” option. Please help me, thank you.

You are you. So your colour would be white. Your opponent would be your opponent, if they were also listed.

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Thank you. I always see it as my color and then see it as what the opponent’s color is because to them it is like Your color: and I didn’t know if it was the same from both ends.

You speak in a wonderful code. Even if it is confusing and I don’t read it until you delete it :slightly_smiling_face:

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