Statistics from a 27M game sample

I don’t have that information and I can’t make it.

This is just handicap stones.
I’ll make some more charts about komi.


Thanks for that info, Lys. When Italians write long numbers and don’t use the ’ as separator, do they not leave a space? I suppose not, as it was your use of long numbers that provoked this slight diversion. (Sorry to distract from your great stats work, btw).

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Since my job is mostly working with numbers, separators and spaces always give me headaches. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Moreover, using international numbers always bring to the different habits and standards around the world, which is confusing.

I can’t talk for all Italians, but I’d say that reading up to millions (7 digit numbers) isn’t an issue for anybody in my experience.
When number of digits increases, very often we’d use shorter versions (dividing by thousands, millions or more).

I never find spaces as separators now. I’d say that they’re a “before personal computer” thing, when booklets were composed by typographies.
Word processors and spreadsheets changed deeply our usage of commas, dots and spaces.


Just want to share during my search of the living conditions and economic history of Japan in late 19th century after the Meiji Restoration, they would put numbers in tables vertically using Chinese/kanji numerical with decimal separator every 3 digits, and fractions separated by columns.

the red circle number is 2926597.640 (unit of 坪, about 3.3 square meters)


I don’t suppose you plan on posting your research when it’s done, do you? Everything you’ve posted so far has been really cool.


Per your request, I’ve updated my research


in the source there is number of clicks on each of coordinates of each move
with bigger number of move, sum of these clicks reduce because games end
I increased number of clicks on moves 2 - 300 so on each move sum of clicks is equal to 1st move
(as if no game ended)

4-4 point is top popular coordinate on move 1
there are 4 corners, so I used average
vertical: average number of clicks on current move
horizontal: current move
zoomed in, interesting shape here:

another way to plot: on current move - how popular is this coordinate compared to other coordinates?
logic is like in these pictures
100 means it is top popular coordinate on current move
0 means it is the least popular coordinate on current move

again, there are 4 corners, on current move there may be popular and not popular corner

horizontal zoom


3-6 point is top on move 5, usually used as low approach to 4 4

horizontal zoom


4-10 star point on side is top on move 7

horizontal zoom


3-3 point is top on move 8, probably used here as insertion under 4-4

horizontal zoom


3-4 point is top on move 9, probably used here as answer to 3-3 insertion

horizontal zoom


3 8 top35
3 10 top42
4 8 top54
4 9 top 58
5 10 top65
6 10 top67
8 8 top72
8 10 top74
9 9 top84
9 10 top86

10-10 TENGEN is top on move 87
tengen r
tengen r2

horizontal zoom


1-9 point is top on move 201


About Komi.

I had to consider handicap too. Let’s start with games without handicap.

9x9 games use mostly 5.5.
A small amount of 6.5.


Same for 13x13:

19x19 games use mostly 6.5.
There’s a good number of games with 7.5.
The difference between them is almost only japanese vs chinese rules.
Games with 5.5 handicap don’t use a particular ruleset.

Games with handicap.

While 19x19 uses mostly 0.5 komi, 9x9 and 13x13 have different komi for each kind of handicap


These are just main settings.
When we look at extreme values we find some weirdness.

Here are ALL komi values for 9x9:

and 19x19:

Of course komi set at 9999 is quite weird, but we can find more looking at individual games.


cheating against bots, -9999 again:

cheating against players, +9999.99 komi:

I noticed that OGS interface rounds komi. In the previous game komi is 9999.99 but OGS UI shows 10000.0
Two or more decimals aren’t expected when talking about komi, but there’s a few.

Example of 0.01 komi. White wins by 175.01 pts :smiley:

Example of 0.06 komi. Black wins by 1.9400000000000013 points :rofl:
UI says 0.1 komi, db says 0.06, but there’s something else that makes that weird number.

This chart shows some unusual komi (the small bars between the higher bars):


In case anyone is wondering / concerned, yes MuhammadShaheed is banned.


Hmm, it looks like using handicap stones is way more popular than using reverse komi for teaching games.

Maybe just compare unranked games, would be easier to spot teaching games perhaps?

I’ll check that.

More about Komi.

Here are just ranked games:

Most of the weirdness is gone. :slight_smile:

Then I filtered out all values with less than 50 games:

and removed top three values (6.5, 7.5 and 0.5), to make the others more visible:

Then I focused on unranked games:

Removing bigger numbers and smaller (<50) numbers there’s still good amount of dots:

Someone must have fun choosing 1000 komi! :smiley:
Reducing the horizontal axis to -100:+100

It seems that custom komi isn’t very popular.
Most used values aren’t far from standard 6.5
Considering the base of 27M games, these numbers are tiny.

I also looked for “teachin” in the game name: there are 12611.


Maybe OGS isn’t that easy for players to find teaching games after all?

But a lot of teaching games probably weren’t been called teaching game though (those 50 25 20 15 12 -20 -25 -30,… -100, etc are most likely all reverse komi teaching games). And I wonder how many of the handicap stones’ games were teaching games, since they will be difficult to separate. Is there a ratio of the unranked and ranked handicap vs reverse komi games that have “teaching” in their titles?


Trying to dig into teaching games.

There’s no flag about that, so I tried to filter on game name.
I looked for the string “teach” which could possibly appear in various combinations.
I’m keeping only 9x9 and 19x19 boards and considering both handicap and komi.

Here’s a summary:

Board False True Total
9x9 1980 1841 3821
19x19 9713 2340 12053
Total 11693 4181 15874

About 9k games have actually a title such as “Teaching game” or similar.
Many are like “Please teach me” or “Looking for a teaching game” or “will teach new and high kyu” and so.

Some are… interesting? :smiley:
Such as

  • destroy the timeout losers! teach them how to resign!
  • Not here to teach, not here to learn, noone just another bot
  • ultimate teachin
  • beginners or teachers pls
  • Teaching Lesion for me
  • nick sibicky told me i have great talent for making go teachers sad
  • looking for a teacher-typeofthing | send me a message in the chat
  • three go teachers have given up on me so far
  • Teach Me and I’ll Teach You?

and so on :slight_smile:

Let’s see some charts: handicap VS komi.

9x9 ranked games.
Best part are no handicap, standard komi (5.5)

9x9 unranked
Same as before plus a few funny games with 500 komi or 50 handicap

Same chart but removing handicap > 9 and extreme komi:

19x19 ranked
Mainly standard options: no handicap with standard komi or handicap with 0.5 komi.
A single -40 komi game.

19x19 unranked
Some 9 handi with various komi. A few extreme values.

Same chart but removing handicap > 9 and extreme komi.
Standard combinations as seen for ranked games. Looks like reverse komi isn’t very popular on OGS.
Each small dot is 1 to 3 games in this chart.


Finally created what wished to see from the beginning:

coordinate where black stone is more often than white stone is darker
coordinate where white stone is more often than black stone is brighter
empty board is where number of clicks(of opposite colors) is more or less same

so we can roughly see where territory is usually black and where territory is usually white as games go on from move 0 to 300.

( on current coordinate: if number of clicks on move 1(black) is bigger than number of clicks on move 2(white), it painted as black )

move 2:

( on current coordinate: if sum of number of white clicks on moves 2-100 is bigger than
sum of number of black clicks on moves 1-99, it painted as white )

move 100:

move 200:

move 300:

*if all coordinates are painted, territory difference is too big sometimes, it looked weird, so the most close to equal coordinates are not painted. Choice of how many the most close to equal coordinates to not paint is done in order to minimize territory difference.


Wow! A lot of cosmic style from black! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looks like white plays more than black in the middle… except for tengen, which is in black’s control from the very beginning!


Wait, there were hundreds of games in the -20 -30 -50, etc. in the previous reply of custom komi chart, where do they go? They just don’t have titles including the keyword “teach”? (as I suspected, most teaching games couldn’t be easily found with just titles)

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How many clicks are there in the 1-1?

on moves 1, 2:

sum of 4 black 1-1 clicks is 6250
sum of 4 white 1-1 clicks is 3524

black tengen alone is 181 192 clicks
white tengen 71 067 clicks

these pictures are about difference, not about how top they are

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Sorry i don’t understand.

on moves 1,2 ?