Stay on the game I just submitted (correspondence)

Is it possible to stay on the game I just submitted a turn for instead of jumping to a “next pending” one?

I generally want a moment to absorb “what I just did”, and often want to think about conditional moves. I might want to say something to my opponent.

The last thing I want is to suddenly have a “context change” right after I click “submit”.



If you go to Settings, under “Game Preferences”, there’s a check box that says “Auto-Advance to next game after making move.” Just uncheck it.



So - now that I’ve looked at all those settings, what is “auto-play delay”? :slight_smile:

So this is a bit harder to explain.

But basically, there are these buttons at the bottom of the board.

The easiest thing to do is go back to one of your games, select the analysis window, and choose an earlier point in your game. After that, press the play button (if it’s a pause button now, then there’s no need to press it), and count every “X” seconds, (whatever “auto-play delay” is set to), then see what happens.

Again, it’s a bit tricky for me to explain, so I think getting hands on experience is the easiest thing to do.

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Oh I see. I’m not the slightest bit interested in the “play” button, so it falls in the “don’t care” basket, but I understand what you mean now. Thanks!

Incidentally, what would be awesome is instead of the play button, to have a slider, like IGS does. This is the one thing that IGS has that’s better than OGS. After a game in IGS you can pull the slider along the progress of the game at a suitable speed to see how things developed, and go back and forwards fast and slow, allowing you to quickly see the later effect of earlier moves.

I guess that’s a topic for another thread :slight_smile:


It’s not exactly the same as a slider… but holding down the left or right arrow key effectively does what you’re looking for.


Hah - I never knew that, but actually it does not effectively do the same effect at all, only superficially.

With the slider you can find the early mid game move that was fascinating then wizz to the early end game part where that had an interesting effect, without being visually distracted by the irrelevant intervening moves.

With the arrow keys, you only get to proceed through the game at a fixed rate…

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You can also click on the moves in the tree on the right hand side… again, not EXACTLY the same as the slider but the functionality is there.

I wonder if you’ve used the IGS one?

There is no comparison :slight_smile:



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Admittedly, no I haven’t… but, I’m still quite satisfied with OGS <3

OGS is the best, overall, for sure.

If only OGS had a slider like IGS, then I’d never have to mention IGS again :wink: :smiley:

(It’s also handy to be able to play experimental games with IGS bots without cluttering up OGS game history, leaving OGS game history for real actual games … which interestingly increases the usefulness of the slider in that use case)

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I’ve heard better game history filters are in development. It could solve this and a bunch of other requests at the same time.

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Or for GitHub perhaps? :sunglasses:

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Yeah, I’m sorely tempted. I just have other projects on the go. Choices choices !!

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Should open up a github issue, I don’t know why we don’t have a slider yet! That should be pretty easy to do, I bet someone picks it up pretty quick, we should have that.