Still getting shown games I can't accept

Hi, I mentioned this a while back but I’m still getting shown multiple challenges I can’t accept, typically because my rank is apparently too high. They’re shown with the green accept button and my “show all challenges” tickbox is off. Anyone else got this problem?

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I’ve seen a couple of these recently as well. I normally just use automatch, but for the two custom matches I tried to accept today I got the “Your rank is too high to accept this match” error message on both.

Wild guess but could it be that the system is using Humble Rank for who can accept but Regular Rank for who gets to see it?
@Eugene Crazy/Plausible/Bingo?

My first thought is that this could possibly be it, but my deviation is below the threshold and wouldn’t be subject to hublefication (new word. cool, I know :wink:)

Edit: same for bugcat

Did you notice the rank-deviation of the person who posted the game that you could see but not accept?

Next person to experience this, please check if possible.

That’s a good point, I didn’t think about the rank of the person who created the game.

Edit: I remembered their username. Just checked and their overall rating is under threshold, but live rating is over. Not sure which is used for this. Also when creating rank limited games it just asks for a minimum and maximum rank to accept, so the creator’s rank probably doesn’t make a difference

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Overall is used for everything. The others are purely cosmetic.

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe the error comes from players mistakenly setting their minimum rank as stronger than their maximum rank, which glitches out the system a bit. Maybe @anoek can confirm? If that’s the case, we should be able to fix it front end by putting in a check to make sure max is always stronger than min (which isn’t always intuitive at kyu ranks).

I just attempted and it isn’t allowed by the front end code

Edit: opps guess I quoted you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, in my case someone with the same rank as me was able to accept the game. It must have something to do with where the rank cutoffs are in respect to rating. Perhaps a discrepancy between frontend and backend?

Edit 2: Nevermind, That doesn’t make sense. Back end most likely only cares about rating.

The limits the backend sends to the front end are ranks, not ratings.

This function desides, if the challenge is shown as acceptable:

Hmm… all of that looks good to me. I don’t see any issues there that should cause it, unless I’m missing something.

Yes, frontend code looks good (and hasn’t changed in the last year).

The problem is on the backend (or a subtle difference between front and backend).

If this only happens when your rank is near threshold (like 4.1k 4.0k, or 3.9k)

Another (and more likely) possibility is when your rank changes after the game table is loaded. In this case you cannot accept the game anymore, but the frontend only update entries if the state of the challenge changes (it’s not available anymore). This could be rather prominent if you have the Play view open all the time in an own tab, or you leave games fast (right after the game ended or even before ended completely), or if it’s again a caching error (your rank changed, but it’s not updated in front end).

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