Stone collection (stone customization)

I made this collection of different gem stones from images on the internet.

There should be similar, but separate to “Board background library” collection for stone customization. Currently, there’s only one small collection.

Update 0.1

  • White stones are brighter;
  • Dark stones are darker;
  • Colors are more colorful;
  • Better organization.

Update 0.2

  • Fixed background transparency issue;
  • Added stone preview pallets.






This is how it looks in general.


Brain Heart

Doesn’t seem to work for me (yet) … are you folks using GIF or PNG?

And transparency dither, I assume, in order not to get ugly “auras”?

SVG possible? :clown_face:

I just tried those ^^ they work.

I found that there’s a “trick” : you have to not only paste the URL into the right place, you also have to click the selector to say “make this active”.

I may take a look at automatically activating the selector when you paste the URL :face_with_monocle:


Weird, doesn’t work for me …

These are the links I took, from above:

But when I click the selector after inserting the links, all that happens is that the original stone image disappears :open_mouth: I checked whether I need to hit return, didn’t make a difference.

NOTE: this is a three-stone Handicap game, five stones on the board :wink:

So, I wonder what I may be doing wrong …

Any recommendations for file format & pixel resolution?
Is there an ideal format (for both)?
What formats are possible? (SVG? :clown_face:)

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I had similar problems. Did you try this?


Wow, YAY :smile: Thanks, @Feijoa!

Terribly nice. Uhm, nicely terrible. Will immediately change it back :sweat_smile::laughing:


If you don’t want to go through the “hassle of going to the album” and finding fitting colors yourself, then you can use these as a probe.


In my case I need to reselect stones after adding them, else it just doesn’t update the image and it uses old image when old image is already gone.

Maybe reselecting new stone appearance right after you uploaded new image will work in your case also. No need to add any additional symbols to the link in this case.

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Thanks, @Tesujitarian, question mark worked instantly for me — but after a few experiments with different images I quickly changed back to “normal” :sweat_smile:

I’ve tried your images myself and they didn’t show on board for me also. I speculate it’s a formatting problem and ogs doesn’t recognize .gif for using to customize stones. I would guess adding symbols to the gif image link somehow “breaks” it to the level ogs can digest it.
I have no idea why or how it works.