Stone numbers messed up in review

if you go back and forth in a review the stone numbering gets all
messed up, repeatedly starting over from 1, so that the numbers
don’t line up with the history (path length to the root) or anything else

after the review i was only able to reproduce a small example, but I
think we can agree that if there are numbers on the stones they
should be unique.

(oh yeah, and a vote for bringing back some kind of arrows, its really a pain
to have to keep dragging the tree view window and clicking on the next stone)

Arrows are still there, they’re below the board by default, or on the right if you’re in “full screen” mode :slight_smile: (Also you can use the keyboard arrow keys too :))

Re the messed up numbers… Yep, it’s on the list to try and fix better. Our experiment with trying to intelligently auto-number off of branches is kinda not working great :frowning:

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