Stone Removal Phase - Accepted Stones

Hey everyone, probably dumb question here. I’m trying to understand the expected string for “Accepted Stones” in the api (when submitting dead stones for stone removal). For example, here’s a recent API output for removed_stones_accepted:

{‘player_id’: 1332353, ‘stones’: ‘aabahaiaabbbhbibacbcccgchciccdgdhdidgeheiecfhfifagbgcgfggghgigahbhfhghhhihaibifigihiii’, ‘strict_seki_mode’: False, ‘players’: {‘black’: {‘username’: ‘djklein30_testing’, ‘rank’: 24.303382182144386, ‘professional’: False, ‘id’: 1332353, ‘accepted_stones’: ‘aabahaiaabbbhbibacbcccgchciccdgdhdidgeheiecfhfifagbgcgfggghgigahbhfhghhhihaibifigihiii’, ‘accepted_strict_seki_mode’: False}, ‘white’: {‘username’: ‘Buckeye30’, ‘rank’: 22.521305030571074, ‘professional’: False, ‘id’: 444995}}, ‘phase’: ‘stone removal’}

The game was here: djklein30_testing vs. Buckeye30

What exactly is this string counting? It’s clearly not dead stones (as there are none), is it the non counted spaces? I’ve tried it out on a more “complete” game but I still wasn’t able to figure it out.


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I think it should be pairs of coordinates like

aa, ba, ha, ia,

I think I recall counting starting in the top left.

So something like

aa= A9, ba=b9, ha=h9, ia=J9 (I is skipped), ab=A8…

A9, B9, H9, J9, A8, B8, H8, J8, A7, B7, C7, G7, H7, J7, C6, G6, H6, J6, G5, H5, J5, C4, H4, J4, A3, B3, C3, F3, G3, H3, J3, A2, B2, F2, G2, H2, J2, A1, B1, F1, G1, H1, J1

^^ looks like the blue squares/dame in this case.

I think generally it’s probably removed stones+dame (kind of like removed territory?)

If you have another example I can also see if it matches.


Ah yeah I think it was the dame that was throwing me. I tried it with straight stones down the middle (so no dame, and no dead stones) and I did see an empty string for accepted stones as I would expect.

Also I don’t know how much experience everyone has with this part of the api, but there are some shenanigans trying to get consistent results. The accepted stones key/value seems to be tied to a random player (regardless of who accepted the stones) and the other player won’t even have that key/value defined, sometimes I’ll get an accepted stones callback even when none has been sent, sometimes I just get a whole bunch of empty string callbacks from removed stones. These are quite possibly due to poor coding on my part (in fact most likely) but I’m curious if other folks have encountered it.

In any case, thank you @shinuito for your help!!

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I also really wish the phase was sent when joining a game, I’m trying to cover entering the stone removal phase if the game is already in it and it’s very tricky