Stone Removal Phase Problem

Support is probably already aware of this issue and I’m sure it’s a bug in the new software update, but when I try to accept removed stones, I momentarily get a green check by my name but the system doesn’t seem to process it. The game remains in my list of active games, and when I go back to it, the green check mark is gone. It doesn’t matter how many times I click on the blue accept removed stones bar. I normally use Firefox, but the same thing happened to me on Google Chrome. (I can’t anything to work on IE.)

Also, on a different point, I’ve lost the ability to right click and open an active game board in another window. I can do that with games that are over, just not in the active games. Since the list is also no longer in order of least time on the clock to the most time on the clock, that makes playing in the games with the least amount of time left more cumbersome.

I’m still unable to accept stones to end this game: