Stone removal terminated prematurely & erroneously

I played a game ( against the bot kugutsu, and in the stone removal phase had barely any time to review the estimates before the system automatically terminated the removal phase with its own incorrect estimates. I did not click anything. I am not sure how long the removal phase remained open; conceivably it was 15 seconds (the Fischer time increment), but I think it was more like 5!

Can you tell if I am doing anything wrong? I do not think so, but I might as well ask.

Or is stone removal buggy? I see a few similar issues, but none quite the same.

This is just the way bot games are scored. Bots cannot accept removed stones themselves, so the server automatically scores it. Its estimates are sometimes incorrect.

I cannot see the game, as it is private. Maybe you can allow me access and I’ll see?


@Starline: Thanks for your explanation.

I expected mods to be able to look anyway, but apparently not. I cannot see a control to allow access: how do I do that? But I am stopping till tomorrow anyway.

I would not have a problem with bot games being scored like this if the phase lasted rather longer, say 1 or 2 minutes.

P.S. KataGo agrees that the dead group is dead.

There is an Access settings button on the sidebar, symbolized by the lock.

The thing to do with bot games is to play out positions where there might be any doubt about life and death. As I understand it they use Chinese/area rules so after dame are filled there’s no loss in actually capturing dead stones and since the scoring is automatic you do need to sometimes ensure there are absolutely no complications in order for it to be accurate.

In the pop out panel the is a button to call moderator and ask for the game to be annulled.


There is no stone removal phase in bot games. If there were, too many people would cheat the bot, and the bot would have no recourse. The game is scored and that is it. @teapoweredrobot gives excellent advice about avoiding misscores in bot games.


Thanks, that clears it up for me.

Thanks, that seems clear, perhaps I shall check out that advice.

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As was observed, to make sure bot games are scored correctly, make sure the life and death status of stones is clear during play. It helps to use the score estimator during play - if that gets it right, then it will be scored correctly.

In cases where it gets it wrong, report the game and we’ll anull wrong results.

In this specific case, the point seems moot because the game is unranked anyhow.

Not true. I am a mod.


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