Stone remove phase seems to end very quickly

When the game ends I seem to get no time to mark stones as dead. The blue button appears with the 5 minute timer but it disappears after 3-4 seconds. Is this because I am playing against bots?

I had a game where I would have disputed the aliveness of a group of stones (which thankfully a moderator has anulled for me) but before I could really take a look at what had automatically been marked as alive or dead the result was decided.

These posts may help you.

Bots can’t dispute the outcome if their opponent marks the wrong stones, so games against bots are scored automatically.


Actually I have just noticed that the moderator left me a message explaining what happened. In the future I will make sure I play out these positions to the bitter end.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.


Or just play other people, there are many players on OGS of all kinds of skill levels.