Stone-scoring (group tax) in OGS

Is there any chance for Stone Scoring (possibly restricted to unranked games) to be implemented?

I think that in order to get total beginners playing among themselves very quickly and teaching them very real and very fundamental go principles in a very “experimental” hands-on way, there is an advantage in using stone scoring 9x9 (maybe even 5x5 or 7x7 for the very first games) because of the sheer simplicity of this ruleset: Just play, and when both players pass, the game ends immediately and that with the most stones on the board wins.

Once players start understanding a bit after many games, playing this game is equivalent to area scoring + group tax (because each group “pays” two extra points because of unfilled eyes, where stones cannot be placed at the end without dying).

If not, is there any server or website online where it is easy to make beginners play against each other using stone scoring?

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if we don’t have rengo yet, we won’t get this…


Or draw games on even komi. :sweat_smile:

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Well, for having this in OGS, I am pretty much just wishing… But for the “Does this exist anywhere on the Internet?”, I still have some hope. :slight_smile:


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