Stones indicating which color I play are reversed in dark mode

Hi! In my list of games on my profile page, there is a single Go stone to the far left of each game, indicating which color I played in that game. In light mode, there is an empty circle for white and a filled-in circle for black, which is correct. However, in dark mode, the “white” stone is still an empty circle (which makes it look dark) and the “black” stone is still a filled-in circle (which makes it look white).

My apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong place.

Please share a screenshot, and let us know what browser and device you are using.

It works for me, and there are no empty circles in either theme.

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Adding the above for comparison from my game history table.

I don’t think they’re filled and empty circles as much as they are some kind of emoji thing.

I’m under the impression that they’re these
:black_circle: :black_circle:
:white_circle: :white_circle:

I don’t think they change from light to dark theme. There are some greyed out ones for annulled/cancelled games as you can the fourth on down in mine.

That one does kind of change a bit from light to dark, the shading that is.


Thanks - right, that is what they are.

At the time I put those in I was thinking “we might need to be more sophisticated here, but these will do for now” :smiley:

Here is what dark theme looks like for me, with a bit more context:

I don’t like that the circles appear different size, but over it’s pretty functional.

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Huh, this is interesting – I’m seeing something totally different than you guys. I’ve attached a screenshot. I’m using Firefox 78.8.0esr on Debian 9.

Edit: And here’s a screenshot of the same thing in light mode. Note that the stone colors are reversed. The colors below are correct, the ones above are wrong.


Wow that is very bizarre! :open_mouth: can’t think of how that may have happened :thinking:

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Is this a recent bug or has it been like this since the feature was implemented? Have you tried refreshing the cache with CTRL+SHIFT+R?

I’m afraid I don’t know how recent this is, I only noticed it today. But refreshing with CTRL+SHIFT+R doesn’t change anything (the stones are still different and backwards in dark mode).

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on PC I see what Evan_is_my_name posted
on phone I see what GreenAsJade posted

:black_circle: :white_circle: are just normal symbols that can be copied as text
thats why black one is white on black theme - that’s what text usually do
Also these symbols appear as emoji on some devices instead of as normal symbols


Looks like stone_defender has identified the root of the issue! I wonder if Firefox is in the wrong for rendering the white circle as black (and vice versa) or if this is how the characters are meant to be rendered and it’s an OGS bug…

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Not Firefox issue. Checked on my Debian server with Chromium – looks wrong.
Seems more like font issue?

Don’t blame Debian! Debian is perfect :rofl:


Shut up! I like running outdated software.


standard symbols shouldn’t be used - because different devices will draw them by their own standard
actual picture should be used like the one that indicates blitz/live - then everyone will see same thing


If you have a suggestion in mind it should be a pretty simple PR

Well, actually blitz/live/turtle comes from OGS font.
Blitz & Live comes from FontAwesome. Turtle comes from OGS font.

I see your game history correctly both with dark and light theme. I tested from Ubuntu with Firefox 86 :man_shrugging:

I got it working on my Debian server by installing “fonts-noto-color-emoji” package and adding it to the OGS’s CSS “font-family” definition… Not sure (and don’t care) why default Debian fonts does not work.

I guess the best solutions for a proper fix would be:

  • using SVG images;
  • adding those symbols to ogs-font.