Stop mysterious recurring payments [solved]

My profile says I am a non-supporter of the site. However, I am charged $1 every month to ONLINE-GO.COM, INC. I guess I wanted to support the site a long time ago when I used to play more often, but now I cannot find any place in the settings to stop these payments. I like this site and the amount is trivial, but I have not been playing much Go lately and I am just trying to clean up recurring payments on my credit card.

Any advice?

Thanks for letting us know, @anoek will get this sorted shortly, thank you for your support!

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Out of curiosity, if you go to does it have an option down the bottom to “cancel this support”?

If you have more than one account, you may want to check all of them to see if possibly it was a different account that you subbed on.


Thanks for the quick response. When I go to, scrolling up and down, I don’t see an option to cancel anything, and Ctrl+F “cancel” gets 0 results.

I can’t think of any accounts I have but maybe my memory fails me. Could it be that I subscribed using an older system that is no longer taking new supporters?

Never mind, I found my other account and was able to cancel the payments. Sorry for the hassle.


Glad we could help :slight_smile:

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