Strange resignation?

Have you ever had an opponent who resigns from a game they are winning? Some players do this to keep their ranks artificially low.

We are not amused.

If you think this is the case for one, or several, of your games, please contact one of the OGS staff.

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Yet not everybody who resigns when they appear to be winning must be a sandbagger — it guess it could sometimes happen that players don’t realize they’re winning … bad counting, panic or the like.

Not every case will be. I’m not talking about close games. In talking about obvious wins that are resigned.

It’s just a quick history search to figure it out from there. :slight_smile:

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Is this like Homeland Security’s “see something, say something” program?

On OGS, I would not get into a game. I could not finish but on KGS, I would, on occasion, resign a rated game because something came up and the rating system was not as severe.

That said, to hell with KGS.