Stream to SGF?

At the last KPMC, there were cameras over each board and the moves were being cast to tygem? or some online server
Is there anything in app store which would let me stream games and create an SGF or livecast it on OGS?
The app could also take a picture every second and append new moves to the SGF


Badukcap on iOS is supposed to be able to do this. It can take pictures of the board and turn it into an sgf, or it can watch and keep updating the file as the game is played.


Interesting. Did anyone have the opportunity to test it?

Here’s an interesting 2-way interface between a physical goban and computer.

It uses a camera to capture the board state for the computer and a steerable laser pointer to indicate a board position from the computer to the board.

It’s not a nice polished app, but maybe the part of the code for extracting the board position from an image might be useful, if a partially DIY solution is suitable.

Are you sure there wasn’t a human operator behind the scenes (watching the image from the camera and relaying manually on a server)?

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Pretty sure the humans were verifying the moves but they were not entering them. There was one console for every 4 tables

Not sure if they get notifications or not but pretty sure @ahd1 and @Allan53 did this once at Brisbane Go Club. Forget what software they used though :thinking:

I assume that this refers to the 17th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship.

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