Streamers annoying

On KGS, announcements appear on the chat of the game.


Thanks, @benjito—I’ll be the first to admit that I am far from fully informed about all our features, outside and in :slight_smile:

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Perhaps they should be hidden by default

Yeah but who’s going to track down that info and keep it up to date as the streamer’s rank changes? And what about the streamers who have many accounts and sometimes make videos for kyus, sometimes for dans

The streamer, or whoever is making the announcement for them. Doesn’t seem much of an ask for being allowed to advertise on OGS. Obviously there is an element of trust, so if a 10k lies and says they are 5d to get through more filters then once found out they lose the privilege of being able to make streamer announcements.

It’s the streamers actual rank, not the intended audience, so dwyrin sandbagging or not he’s still 5d or whatever. (I’m not defining exactly which ranking system to use, so a few ranks +/- is ok).