Streamers annoying

Disclaimer: I know I can turn off announcements. I am no streamer and did not watch the youtubers (except probably Redmond) till recently only pro game commentaries from the EGF.
Hello. I have been playing on OGS for about one year now. And I am asking myself what the purpose of the stream announcement feature is or rather how it is used. I can understand that some people might be interested in seeing a live commentary by the EGF or AGA. I also like a lot to watch the broadcasts but the players there are typically dan players.
I currently get notifications of lots of different ‘amateurs’ casually streaming go daily. In numbers most of them seem to be low SDK to low DDK players. None of them is affiliated with OGS other than playing on the server. Again I have no problem with people switching to a different server in between and sometimes it can be enlightening on what a low SDK players thinks of the game.
However this format is no fit for this community. Sorry for being a bit ignorant but I imagine this ‘gameplay’ and entertainment would best stay on platform like youtube or twitch. Not saying it does not exist there indeed it does so a lot. Some of them are teachers at the same time. But again I think even considering that one wants the Go community to grow you shouldn’t do advertising for them beyond the like already there under “Other Go resources” My suggestion would be to just leave the announcements to associations or title matches etc. not some person with 5 people watching practicing joseki. I just hope we don’t end up like this with all the gamification on Fox.


why did you link to r/badukshitposting?

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Selecting announcement is a perilous task that you can do by yourself (and in your own specific interest). Turn them off and when you have time go check the history.

On the side your link leads nowhere related to your suggestion.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: streamer announcements should have the streamer rank as part of the metadata, and your profile has a setting “Only show streamers of strength at least” x kyu/dan/pro.


I had to block announcements from 12 streamers so far…


That actually sounds like a really effective way to make the announcements more useful


I haven’t noticed an excess of kyu streamers. Most seem to be dan. The announcements are a tremendous convenience, and I have found Dwyrin and Ben Kyo to be very helpful.


Looking at recent history of announcements, about 60% of streaming announcements are from dan players.


Obscuring my clock during a blitz game is not convenient, it’s infuriating.


Is a dan streamer obscuring your clock during blitz less infuriating? :face_with_monocle:

It seems like you just need to turn off announcements during blitz…

No, each occurrence in isolation is equally infuriating, but with the strength filter there are fewer of them, and 2 infuriating things is less infuriating than 10 infuriating things. There are multiple things wrong with the announcements system: the actual UI design of the location of the toast obscuring the clock, the configuration design with lack of filter, and the process design of allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to make announcements without following well-defined guidelines for making informative announcements that don’t annoy people (gooplet started a thread about this a while ago, but a lot of announcements don’t follow the good suggestions there so either that never became OGS policy or it is not followed/enforced).


I’m pretty amenable to the idea of configurable streamer filtering.

One objection will be “another lever on the cockpit”.

I’m also curious what happened to the gooplet guidelines? Did they find a home in our doco, so moderators can (and should) refer people to them?


Occasional 4-kyu streamer here; whenever I use this feature I enjoy a significant boost in viewers, and so appreciate that it’s there and I’m allowed to use it.

But I agree that the position of the popup over game info is annoying, and its behaviour isn’t toast-like enough – it’s opaque, too easily clickable and you have to manually close it. Surely there’s a less intrusive place.


I feel like this just fixes everything. Wonder how hard something like that is to implement?

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I agree with you. You seem not to realize that you are speaking of “convenience” with a different reference than I was. I was speaking of the existence of announcements as convenient, you are speaking of the specific placement on the page as inconvenient. This is called speaking at cross-purposes.

As another person who finds streamer banners very annoying when in a game (though I don’t mind them outside of that), it seems like an easy*, intermediate fix is to just not display them in /game pages. I can’t imagine that most users prefer to have these visible while playing. Certainly not in live/blitz games, at the very least.

Are there any objections to this proposal (from the ‘we should have more banners’ side, that is)?

[*I assume!]


Yeah, I also agree, streaming announcements shouldn’t turn up on game pages.

But then we’d need two categories, methinks:

  • one for streamers (everywhere except on game pages),

  • and another for OGS/game server announcements, like “server update, we’ll be down for ~5 minutes” or similar, which, IMO, should show on game pages.


I heard we have 4 :wink:


People observing a game may want to see the announcement.

Imo it would be good if announcements/notifications can be viewed as a list in another page, and users can mark them as read. But I don’t know how much development work that is.

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