Stronger/weaker wins and losses inconsistent

In my game history, I see a fair number of “wins against stronger opponents” in bright green, but if you look at the summary and timeline on my profile, they all actually count as “wins against weaker opponents.”

Why is the game considered differently in these two places?

For example, here are two games in April shown bright green in the history and dark green in the timeline:

Thanks! For the great site and the good games :slight_smile:


I should be clear - the impact on player ranking seems fine, I’m just curious about the categorization.

The categorization in the graph uses data, which takes the rating change of the game’s outcome into account, while the Game History uses the rating when the game ended, but before the rating was updated.

The reason for this is that both use different API endpoints, which for the sake of simplicity store the data at different times.


I see. This gives it a confusing appearance, but I understand the reason now, thank you.

Well, since we’re on the topic, why is that? :smiley: it really is kind of confusing.


Yeah, if it could be made consistent that would be a better experience.