Study Baduk with best teachers for 4 weeks! Level-up challenge

Hi Baduk players!
Nice to meet you ^^.

You don’t know how, where, or with whom to study Baduk?
We are planing to study Baduk with 3 teachers for 4 weeks!
04.03-31.03 — Awesome Baduk Discord - Awesome Baduk

For four weeks, you can complete and certify the assignments given by your teacher,
and if you have any questions, you can ask the teacher.

If you complete all four weeks of assignments,
you will receive a certificate and an e-book as a reward.

After completing this challenge, your perspective on the game of Baduk will change and,
of course, your skills will improve.

You will get motivation and help by challenging yourself with other baduk friends.
If you have any question about it, please let us know!

Best wishes
Awesome Baduk Team ( Young Sun 8p, Yeon Woo 2p, Young Gil 8p)