"Submit move" bug, in disabled analysis mode

Hey all.

If I click a move in a correspondence game in which it is my move and then use the left arrow to undo it, the move disappears, but the blue “submit move” button still persists (and if I click it, as I’ve done on accident a few times, the now-invisible move does submit). Only if I go one move further back is it replaced by the green “back to game” button. Before the recent change of the “back to game” button colour and placement, the “submit move” button would disappear after the first time clicking left. This should be reinstated to prevent accidents IMO.


That’s a good catch, thanks for letting us know.

@GreenAsJade might I inquire your expertise, wheter it is a simple fix for github PR, or whether to push this on Anoek? :innocent:


Oh - that doesn’t sound good, and I will look at it ASAP, thanks for alerting me.


@Sarah_Lisa Would you be able to help me with a bit more detail - I haven’t been able to make it happen yet, but I probably just misunderstood something.

I did:

  • Arrive at correspondence game where it is my turn. Blue Pass button


  • Click a location, as if I am going to play. Blue Submit button


  • Click left arrow. Into Analyse Mode. Green Back to Game button.


Did you do something a bit different?



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(If anyone else sees what Sarah_Lisa describes, and can point me at it, please do!)

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Sometimes, it will actually happen to me the same way you just displayed, which is just as weird to me: Clicking left once will actually cause me to go back TWO moves instead of one (and display the “back to game” button properly). This used to happen even before the recent change (and doesn’t make much sense to me, either). But most of the time (both on my Mac and my mobile), it will go back only one move and display the blue “submit move” button. I haven’t really figured out what conditions cause which scenario, though. I’ll let you know if I can figure it out…


I agree that going back two moves with one click is wierd - I dug up the old code to confirm it did it that way before the recent changes.

What browser - maybe that is a factor?

I think it happens when analysis is disabled. Reproduced on up to date firefox.

EDIT: It also screws up the whole thing kind of. Meaning that when one does the above and then navigates back to the proposed move, one can no longer place it elsewhere by simply clicking elsewhere on the board and it gets kind of confusing :smiley: But that might be server side issue?


Great catch AdamR! I simply had not considered this possibility, and now that we know what it is, there’s a reasonable chance of debugging quickly (fingers crossed!)

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Here’s an interesting thing: I can reproduce this now, in disabled analysis games, and …

this bug was there before the recent changes :slight_smile: !

Which is good because it means I didn’t cause it personally :smiley: It’s not so good because it makes it a little harder to deal with (in code I haven’t touched yet).

Anyhow, progress :slight_smile:


I don’t think so.
The one click brings the player one move back in played moves. It doesn’t consider the “virtual - not yet played” move that wasn’t submitted.

Actually the click on the goban isn’t a move. It’s just the ghost of a possible move. :slight_smile:

One doesn’t need at all to “go back” from that click: we can click elsewhere to check a different move or we can click again in that intersection to let disappear that stone. Arrows are used to go in analysis mode that isn’t (I guess) what @Sarah_Lisa wants. She just would let disappear that stone. Am I right?

(well, all I’ve said here doesn’t help much with the blue button issue, but maybe can be useful to Sarah_Lisa)

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I’ve submitted a PR for this.

In the mean time, until @anoek can process and approve (or not!), don’t hit Submit if there isn’t a new stone showing on the board :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, never realized this. Thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:

Sorry to GAJ for misappropriating this to the recent change. I guess I started playing analysis-off games around the same time that this change came around :slight_smile:


Absolutely no worries: it seemed like an obvious reason for an issue like that :smiley:

As well as maybe playing more analysis-off, it may be that the recent the change “drew attention” to it - we’re all looking more closely at the behaviour of those buttons now, rather than just accepting what they did :smiley:

Interestingly, there was another little issue in the same scenario (I wonder if you can find it without reading the PR) which this change will also resolve, so that’s another positive.

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