Submit Move button

When playing on the tablet I use the Submit Move button, and this works great to avoid misclicks.
However, the Submit Move button is right below the buttons to navigate through the moves and often when attempting to use the Submit Move button, I inadvertently navigate back a move and then I have to go through several steps to try again (first pressing the Back to the Game button, then playing the move again I had intended to play and finally using the Submit Move button to confirm it).

I think it would be very helpful not to have these options on lines right above and below one another, as one can easily pick the wrong one. I’d love to have that Submit Move button (and perhaps also the Pass button that uses the same location) moved to a location where there is no risk of inadvertently clicking on something located right above or below it.

Like in this image:

Thanks in advance for any feedback on this, Niek


Could you please load your image here ?(can’t go on imgur)

Ok, I’ve replaced the imgur links with uploaded images.

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I find more logical to be on the right as on the left,but besides this I do join the idea