Subscribers without AI analysis?

Hi, I’m just a sneaky parasite, I know, but I’m a nitpicker too! :smiley:

I am not a subscriber.
I checked some of my latest games and looked at the AI analysis that’s usually available when my opponent is a subscriber. But not always! I wonder why.

Here are some games where my opponent was a subscriber but the (full) analysis isn’t available.
Could someone explain why?

I believe it’s manual request not automotic meaning maybe your sub friend just didn’t care enough to run it :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s probably that they either hadn’t visited the game after the game ended, or they had AI review disabled when they did.

The AI review process only starts when you are on the game page. (if my memory is correct)


I don’t think so.

That makes sense though.

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As a subscriber you get the free ai stuff automatically but there is a button to press for the full ai analysis. Often I finish a game in the app and only revisit the game on the site and kick off the analysis later if ever.


Yes, I did the check with a friend of mine.
So I was wrong in my answer to @BHydden too.

This button feature is very reasonable (starts the analysis only if someone actually wants it) but is also has a big impact on sneaky crawlers like me, trying to steal some good piece of advice without paying for it! :smiley:
Actually, is very difficult that a stronger player would start analysis in a game where I was defeated… and that’s exactly the case where that analysis would be helpful for me! :laughing:

I’m so sad.
I fear I’ll be forced to move into the 21th century, get a credit card or some kind of home banking and LOOSE my hard earned money in order to have that thing…



I (almost) never have to press a button to start the AI review of a resend game. It always starts as soon as I am on the game’s page.

Oh! :thinking:

I asked one of those players mentioned above to go to the game page and check what would happen. He told me that there where the Top 3 moves available and a button to click to have a full review by the AI.

I think the automatic review only happens if it’s a recent game, but I don’t know what the requirements are to be “recent”.

Button only appears when a subscriber wins against weaker opponent!


do you need a game reviewed by AI?

Is there an easy and fast way to have it?

For some time I reviewed some of my games with Leela, but it takes time and my PC is obsolete just like me. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have the line chart of win rate. I don’t really need variations. Just a hint on my worst moves and the overall flow of the game

I ran the full reviews for you as a small thank you for being such a great member of our little community. Enjoy and learn :slight_smile:


Wow! :hugs:
Thank you, I’m blushing! :kissing_heart: