Sucessful Corner Invasion Variations

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble successfully pulling off corner invasions when it’s enclosed. I was wondering if any stronger players could show me the different variations that would enable me to successfully invade an enclosed corner?

Here’s a link to the board that shows the situation I’m having difficulty with:

How can the R17 stone live?

Thank you :slight_smile:

This is a really common position. Try checking while you’re waiting for better answers.


Thank you! I didn’t realise I could use josekipedia, so you’ve helped me a ton :slight_smile: is another such (and relatively new) Web site, with pattern search and all (and a huge game database behind it), you can choose “Full board” or “Around stones”. It also shows which games the position occurred in, and the win percentage for any move.

No comments there, though.

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