Suggest Best Books to learn JavaScript

Hello all, i am in the Second year of Engineering and want to learn JavaScript, i searched this on the Internet and in YouTube as well, i found many of the resources but i am very confused as to which book to buy, can any one suggest me the best resources (books and Courses) to learn javascript.

Thank You


I think r/learnjavascript has answered this pretty well:

Free, online resources are plentiful, so you don’t really need to buy a book, but there are plenty high quality ones if you want them!

Also if you’re looking for projects to work on/study, some open source Go projects written in JS/TS:


Is this your first programming language you are learning? In other words do you want to learn programming, with the language happening to be javascipt, or do you already know the core transferable skills of programming (e.g. you’re an expert in C++), and just want to learn the javascript language’s specifics?