Suggest Rules listed on main page

At, it would be great if the Ruleset was listed somewhere when playing, as a reminder (for example, maybe put “Japanese” or “Chinese” just underneath the Komi reminder near White’s score)

While I understand we should see the rules when accepting the game… if playing several games in a day (some Chinese and some Japanese) one can easily forget which setting it is, and especially true if playing a long game. It’s a pet peeve of mine to keep having to click Info.

Yes, I could just fill all dame no matter what, but don’t want to waste my opponent’s time if it’s Japanese rules.

And actually, I would prefer to have this requested text showing Komi and Ruleset even in Zen mode.


You may be interested in this not so old topic, so maybe better join there.

rules visible

Maybe @moderators could join the two topics?


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