Suggested time for 13x13 correspondence


I’m pretty new to go and have recently started to play 13x13 correspondence with Fisher timing 1d +8h up to 3d. I though this is a pretty reasonable timing, but apparently it isn’t. A few people had started to play with me and a minute later abandoned the game. One of them saying, very politely, “24h? Seriously?” before leaving.

So what is the expected and reasonable time? I do not wish to play to quickly.

Other than that, why do people do that? Time is seen in the main page, why would you want to start a game when it does not suit you just to delete it?


Correspondence time controls are designed to play just a couple of moves and then return later when your opponent responds, not to play all the game in only one phase. It’s evident that those players didn’t get that idea. In fact, as a correspondence time control, the one you chose is rather fast. Most common is 3d + 1d up to 3d.

If what you want is to play live games (this means you’ll finish the game in one phase without disconnecting) and you want it to be played at a slow pace, you can set about 30 minutes of main time. Most common time control on 19x19 is 10 minutes + 3x30sec byoyomi. That may be okay too, although it can be a bit fast if you’re new to the game.

Hope it helped, cheers!

Oh, and welcome to the site! :wink:



thanks for the reply. I think you’re right, maybe those players didn’t understand that this is a correspondence game and what it means. They all had some starting rank (I think 25k). Next time I’ll try to explain how long games differ from live.