Suggestion: add a pie rule setting as an alternative to komi

What if, as an alternative setting, we could have the pie rule:

player A plays a black stone anywhere on the board. player B then decides whether he would like to play as black, and is stuck with the initial move, or as white, and goes anywhere he wants.

I personally think it would be fun to try out playing with this, and it would be a fun game setting to play with. I’m curious what people think, and whether the developers @matburt @anoek would be interested in adding this at some point.

another interesting idea would be to toggle the amount of moves player 1 gets to select before player 2 chooses.

theres also the idea of a komi pie rule where player 1 chooses komi, and player 2 chooses color.

ive been reading some of these online discussions, which is why im interested in this, and think it would be fun to toy around with in some unrated games.


i think the 1st idea is the most ingenious idea ever.

I have been thinking about exactly this for some time. It’s like a ‘push-out’ shot after the break in a game of pool. The objective is to leave a completely even position.

What sort of opening moves would we get with such a rule? something like an 8,2 point maybe?

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