Suggestion: Allow users without email address validated to use the preset chats

Per title. Don’t let them edit the messages, but at least they can be polite and say Hi and Thanks for the game.


Good suggestion!

To add one more: Show a small notice in the chat window when the opponent cannot chat/greet. Not just for lack of validation, but also if they are in Zen mode.


It occurs to me that even chat-banned people could be allowed to use the preset chats. :face_with_monocle:

I Like It.

This unfortunately is “a can of worms”. It is without a doubt a nice idea, but it has been discussed before, and bumps into troubles like “what if the person is in Zen mode on one device but not on another” … etc. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Easy answer, open on the device(s) only in zen mode. Difficult to program?

Alternatively, the notice could be an account setting.

(Also, if the notice’s contents were user-customizable, then
bots could use that instead of a programmatic chat message.)

Yes, though if they were chat banned for keyboard diarrhoea they could partially do that again by saying Hi hundreds of times. Of course they could them be full banned.

An unverified account has a neutral “social credit score”, so giving them the preset chats likely brings more benefits than downsides. A chat banned user is negative so we have greater reason to fear they could abuse even preset chats. Not saying they shouldn’t get them, but needs more judgement. What kind of offences get people chat banned?


Using a preset repeativly to flood seems a bit tiedious, no?

All kinds of things, but thankfully verbal diarrhoea is in the very low minority of cases. Definitely think the option is worth considering.


Currently most (all?) settings like this are client-specific.

They can be account specific, but that’s a can of worms, not “easy fix”.

(because for each one you need to ask “do we really want this account specific, and how should it behave when it changes on one device?”)

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Well yes, but a user who enjoys doing tedious annoying things like flooding with text they type to get chat banned in the first place is the kind of person who might enjoy flooding preset chats too.