Suggestion: "Call reviewer"

Hi there.

I just wondered if it would be a good idea to have a sitewide “reviewer pool” you could hop into if you’re idling or something… then have people who just finished a game call one of these people from the pool. Let details be details (how to handle reviewer rank x reviewee rank, in-depth vs quick review, etc.). Would this be something you’d like to see?

I like dropping variations, but I’m bad with schedules and formalities so I’d prefer a live feature.


Cool idea. :slight_smile:

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I think between chat and the forums, it’s pretty easy to get your games reviewed.


We do actually have that feature: you “call for a reviewer” here in the forum, and people leap to it :slight_smile:

That being said I can see that it would be cool just to press a button after the game finishes and have the reviews roll in :slight_smile: It would also be a mechanism for reviewers to “register themselves” and then we can collect stats on how many reviews we do, what type etc.