Suggestion: checkbox for only showing ranked games in game history

EDIT: I didn’t know about uservoice. By now, I’ve posted my suggestion over there. Feel free to delete this suggestion thread, mods :slight_smile:

Good evening.
Sometimes I like to review my game history so that I can see how well I’ve been doing recently. But it’s a minor annoyance that all the non ranked fun games I’ve played in between my more serious ranked matches make it hard to get a quick overview over my recent success. The “signal noise ratio” is quite high, so to say.
So it’d be great to have an option for filtering the games shown on the “game history” page. It’d be nice if we could choose ranked/not ranked, board size, game speed, etc. so that we can get a nice overview over what we are really interested in.


Uhm, no need to delete this, IMO … I’d rather suggest that you post the link to your UserVoice entry here :slight_smile:

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