Suggestion: Configurable stone effects


When comparing stone sounds to other go servers, OGS effect seems to be pretty sharp.

Normally when I play my own games it doesn’t disturb me, but when relaxing and having a spectator game running in background I find the sound a bit distracting. It may be a personal preference, but I think other Go servers having smoother and softer sounds provide better experience (I think I like Tygem sound the most :wink: ) . Would it be possible to provide different stone sound options to be configured ?

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Read this thread. Is there any way to turn off the countdown voice?
Seems there is a way to change sounds with hax skills

It would be trickier to alter the sounds with that method. All that link shows you how to do is block the requests that match a parameter, not inject your own response. Doable, but more work than that link shows.

I could hack it - that’s not a problem. The issue is possible bad user experience. I’d love to hear from you what do you think about the stone clicks.

At first I also though them to be too sharp. I don’t know what happened but now it seems they are much smoother (maybe my brain has adjusted)

Yes, it is trickier change the sounds with Requestly. For the willing, you have to set up a Redirect Rule instead of blocking rule, and have 1 (or 5) stone sounds hosted somewhere (for a no-hassle local server on your computer I recommend Mongoose). In Requestly you have to use a matching URL like this:


Redirect to


The default stone sounds are too sharp for my liking, so I use a more plasticky sound that I find pleasant. You can download this to your computer and host it with Mongoose.

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